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A Guide to a Wedding Weekend: Turning One Day into Three

submitted on 21 November 2023 by


Fellow revelers of matrimony and merriment, rejoice! For the days of hurried, single-day wedding celebrations are behind us. Enter the era of the Wedding Weekend, where one day is merely a drop in the matrimonial bucket. Why limit the happiness, the laughter, the tears, and the copious amounts of hors d'oeuvres to a single sun cycle? I beseech you, take my virtual hand and let me guide you through the tremendous, joyous, (sometimes exhausting) world of the three-day wedding extravaganza!

Day One: The Arrival and Rehearsal Dinner

Begin the festivities with the grand arrival of your guests, the elite squadron of your nearest and dearest, as a horn section heralds their entrance into the hallowed grounds of your wedding venue. Set the stage for the weekend with a rehearsal dinner that is a feast for the ages! Picture a table laden with the finest cuisine, preferably catered by a local chef who has spent decades perfecting their craft. Wine! Spirits! Ale! Let them flow like the majestic Niagara, encouraging tales of the bride and groom's youthful indiscretions and familial bonding.Entertainment is key, and in my experience, nothing surpasses a rousing game of charades or a hired bard serenading the assembly with lutes and lyres. Thou shall set the tone for the days to come, so ensure laughter and lightheartedness abound in this first night of betrothal bliss.

Day Two: Group Activities and The Main Event

Arise with the sun, dear friends! The second day of this marathon matrimonial event is upon us. After a breakfast that includes both sweet and savory delights (I highly recommend a waffle bar and an assortment of frittatas), it's time to divide and conquer. Family and friends shall engage in a myriad of activities to strengthen bonds and foster camaraderie. Golf outings, spa days, lawn games, candle-making workshops – the possibilities are endless!As the sun begins to set, it's time for the Main Event. The ceremony, the exchanging of vows, the union of two souls – this is the culmination of all your planning and revelry. The procession shall be led by a magnificent peacock, resplendent in its plumage, as a symbol of the beauty of love. The officiant shall don a robe of the finest silks, adorned with precious stones, channeling the power of an ancient high priest as they join your lives together.And then, let the feasting begin! A banquet hall filled with the sweet scent of freshly baked bread, rich stews, and decadent desserts awaits your guests. Raise a toast! Dance amongst the twinkling lights! Let the music move you as you transform into an elegant, whirling dervish!

Day Three: The Farewell Brunch

Alas, the end of our journey is upon us. Limbs may be weary, voices may be hoarse, but the love that has been shared throughout this weekend shall be everlasting. Gather once more with your guests for a farewell brunch, a final opportunity to break bread together and recount the memories that have been forged during these three magical days.
  • Mimosa stations: Not only do they provide a refreshing elixir to soothe your guests, but they also provide a delightful, customizable beverage experience.
  • Photo montages: A sentimental stroll down memory lane, showcasing the bride and groom's journey from childhood friends to betrothed sweethearts.
  • Guest book signing: Encourage your guests to inscribe their well wishes, thoughts, and perhaps even a haiku or two, as a lasting memento of this grand adventure.
As you bid your guests adieu, and they return to their own corners of the world, remember that this weekend was but a beginning. You have embarked on a lifelong journey together, hand in hand, heart to heart, united in love. And as the sun sets on this Wedding Weekend, know that your love story is just beginning.Now, go forth! Unleash the matrimonial magic! Turn one day into three, and let the celebration of your love reverberate through the ages.
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