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Photography and Video

Chris Barber Photography

Hello, Iím Chris! I am a wedding photographer in London creating honest, creative + fun wedding photography thatís filled with character, energy + genuine laughter.

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1. What is the style of wedding photography offered by Chris Barber Photography?

Answer: Chris Barber Photography offers authentic, fun, and natural wedding photography. The focus is on capturing genuine moments filled with character and energy. Chris takes a laid-back approach to create wedding photography that reflects the personalities of the couples he works with. There are no artificial or posed shots, making it perfect for camera-shy couples or those who prefer a more natural style.

2. How does Chris Barber Photography ensure a fun and relaxed experience during the wedding?

Answer: Chris Barber Photography believes in creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere during the wedding. Chris's humorous personality adds to the enjoyment of the process, making it a memorable experience. He doesn't boss around guests and instead focuses on hanging out with them, blending in seamlessly. This approach eliminates any awkwardness and allows for genuine moments to be captured.

3. Why is authentic wedding photography important in the age of mobile phone cameras and filters?

Answer: In the age of mobile phone cameras, instant sharing, and filters that alter appearances, authentic wedding photography becomes even more important. Chris Barber Photography believes in capturing genuine moments that go beyond trendy filters. The focus is on being authentic and reflecting the true essence of the wedding day. This requires a shift in priority from simply making someone look nice to capturing the unfolding stories and emotions of the day.

4. Is natural wedding photography suitable for everyone?

Answer: While natural wedding photography is the specialty of Chris Barber Photography, it may not be suitable for everyone. This approach is best suited for couples who value authenticity and prefer a more laid-back style. If you are looking for posed or heavily edited shots, this may not be the right fit. Chris believes in capturing candid moments from the perspective of someone who is invested and curious about each friend, family member, and story.

5. How does Chris Barber Photography work with couples to create personalized images?

Answer: Chris Barber Photography works closely with couples to create personalized images that reflect their personalities. Chris sees his couples as actual human beings and collaborates with them to capture images that truly represent who they are. This approach eliminates the need for artificial poses and ensures that the images are a true reflection of the couple's unique relationship. The result is wedding photography that is authentic, fun, and filled with character.

Some reasons to choose

Authentic and Fun Wedding Photography

The company specializes in creating authentic and fun wedding photography. They aim to capture genuine moments filled with character, energy, and laughter. Their approach is laid-back, ensuring that the photos reflect the couple's personalities and not just a posed representation.

Perfect for Camera Shy Couples

This unique approach to wedding photography is perfect for couples who are camera shy or prefer a more natural style. The photographer's laid-back approach helps to eliminate any awkwardness during portrait sessions, allowing the couple to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

No Cheesy Poses or Gimmicks

The company prides itself on avoiding cheesy poses or gimmicks in their wedding photography. They believe in capturing genuine moments without resorting to clichťd or artificial techniques. The focus is on creating authentic and natural images that truly reflect the couple's special day.

Fun and Hilarious Photographer

The photographer's fun and hilarious personality adds to the overall experience of working with the company. They strive to make the process enjoyable and lighthearted, ensuring that the couple and their guests have a great time during the photography sessions.

Invested in Every Story

The company believes in being invested and curious about every friend, family member, and unfolding story during the wedding. They understand the importance of capturing authentic moments in a world where filters and instant sharing can alter appearances. Their focus is on creating genuine and meaningful wedding photography.
Brighton-based photographer who is happy to work throughout the UK and worldwide. Tabs lead to information about Chris and his approach to wedding photography, with FAQs to give more information. Pricing gives info on what it costs for Chris's services plus some extras that you might want to include. Contact has an e-mail address and Contact form, while he can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Myspace. reviewer
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