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Photography and Video

Amanda Forman Photography


I am Hertfordshire based but regularly travel around the country and overseas. Being one of eight children, I love the hustle and bustle of large groups of people and I'm especially used to coaxing even the trickiest family member in to shot.

So whether it is an intimate gathering of your closest friends or a lavish celebration with a guest list longer than your gift list, I understand that every wedding is unique and as such so is the requirement of your photographer.

I would be honored to capture your wedding day, if you would like to meet for a coffee or have a call to discuss your special day please feel free to contact me by email or via my website.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Amanda Forman Photography offer?

Amanda Forman Photography offers wedding and family photography services. Whether you're planning your wedding or want to capture precious moments with your family, Amanda specializes in creating natural and effortless photos that truly reflect your unique story. She aims to capture authentic moments rather than staged poses, creating images that serve as a window back in time.

2. Where is Amanda Forman Photography based?

Amanda Forman Photography is based in Rutland County, where every day feels like a weekend. This picturesque location provides a beautiful backdrop for your photoshoots, whether it's a wedding or a family session. Amanda's familiarity with the area allows her to capture the essence of Rutland County and create stunning images that reflect the natural beauty of the surroundings.

3. How can I get in touch with Amanda Forman Photography?

To get in touch with Amanda Forman Photography, you can visit the website On the website, you will find a contact form where you can send your inquiries and requests. Amanda values personal connections and will respond promptly to discuss your photography needs and answer any questions you may have.

4. What is Amanda's approach to photography?

Amanda Forman Photography embraces authenticity over aesthetics. She believes in capturing genuine moments that reflect the true essence of her clients. Instead of relying on shot lists and Pinterest boards, Amanda focuses on creating a photography experience that is unique and true to each individual. Her goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so you can enjoy the process and have photos that truly represent you and your loved ones.

5. Why should I choose Amanda Forman Photography?

Amanda Forman Photography offers a photography experience that goes beyond just taking pictures. Amanda understands the importance of preserving memories and believes that every day deserves to be remembered. With her passion for capturing authentic moments and her dedication to creating beautiful images, Amanda will provide you with photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether it's your wedding day or a simple family gathering, Amanda will ensure that your story is captured in a way that is genuine and true to you.

Some reasons to choose

Family Experience

The company understands the importance of capturing precious family moments. The photographer, Amanda, is a mother herself and knows the value of being present in family photos. She offers regular family photo sessions every six months to ensure that no moment is missed. By booking these sessions, families can have beautiful images that preserve the memories of their lives together.

Wedding Experience

For couples planning their wedding, the company offers a unique photography experience. They prioritize authenticity over staged photos, creating images that serve as a window back in time. By setting aside shot lists and outside expectations, couples can have a photography experience that is genuine and true to them. The photographer aims to capture the unrepeatable moments of a wedding, ensuring that every detail is documented and cherished.

Based in Rutland County

The company is based in Rutland County, where every day feels like a weekend. This location provides a beautiful backdrop for photography sessions, whether it's for weddings or family portraits. The scenic surroundings add an extra touch of charm to the images, creating a unique and memorable experience for clients.

Natural, Effortless Photography

The company specializes in natural and effortless photography. They understand that many people dread stepping in front of the camera and feeling awkwardly posed. By embracing authenticity, the photographer captures genuine moments that are true to the individuals being photographed. This approach ensures that the images are beautiful and reflect the true essence of the subjects.

Genuine, Unique, and True to You

The company offers a photography experience that is genuine, unique, and true to each client. They prioritize capturing the real moments and emotions, rather than focusing solely on aesthetics. By doing so, they create images that are personal and meaningful, serving as a lasting reminder of the special moments in life.
Wedding, maternity and new-born photographer based in Hitchin, Herts., but prepared to travel throughout the UK and abroad. The Wedding page has a starting package price and details of what is included, and includes a questions section which provides further information. Kind Words has testimonials from satisfied clients, while Contact has a phone number, e-mail address and an enquiry form. reviewer
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